Vocalizing is a daily part of life

Expand your entire vocal system by learning to feel, relax, and exercise the major body components that contribute to your vocal expression.

How It Works

Vocalize Yourself combines the external stimulation of a musical note with the individual creating their own internal vibration through guttural expression.  This enhances the process of stimulating specific components of the vocal system.  While this program is not specifically a singing course it does use basic elements of singing instruction. 

Through utilizing the program, you will learn to feel, relax, and exercise the major body components of your own vocal system which includes; your entire skeleton system, diaphragm & solar plexus, lung, throat, vocal chords, neck, face, mouth & the skull, brain, mind, spirit, connection (intent).

In this process you exercise and expand your entire vocal system.

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It's fun & it feels good!

You can use these simple exercises in many ways: start your day in the morning, in the shower, walking or jogging, to relax before going to bed, etc.

Sing with ease

Learn to relax your vocal system and let your singing voice out! Feel the joy of emotional release through signing.

Be confident expressing yourself

From singing, to giving presentations, to performing under the spot light or speaking in intimate settings, The Vocalize Program will help you gain the confidence to express your vocal system in all capacities. 

It's healthy!

The combination of breathing and guttural vocal expressions while vibrating or creating resonance in your internal system enhances stress reduction, helps mitigate pain, and contributes to a positive confident attitude.  It’s a physical workout for your vocal system.