Jeff Hopper

Over decades of singing, playing music, and performing I became aware of the wonderful feeling of emotional and tension release that comes from simply expanding and using my vocal system. Also as a former college athlete and youth sports coach I became aware of the interaction between breathing, physical exercising, and the effects that vocalizing had on this process.  I created Vocalize Yourself as a physical workout program for the human vocal system.  It is appropriate for individuals of all speaking and singing ability levels, not just for performing vocalists or people who sing regularly.

As a young student I remember playing with some of the guttural expressions in this program.  I had no idea what I was playing with at the time but it was fun and felt good.  In the 1970’s through the 1990s I was fortunate to sit in several Native American Indian Medicine Ceremonies and Spiritual Celebrations.  I also traveled to Nepal on two different climbing trips.  In Tibetan and Sherpa Monasteries high on the Himalayan Border with Tibet I experienced similar vocal chant intonations that I experienced in the Native American ceremonies. Over the course of this I became aware of the concept and process of harmonic vocal tuning and vocal resonating.  Both from within and with multiple voices resonated in unison or in harmony to each other. 

Singing, playing guitar, writing songs has been part of my life over the past 6 decades.  I have produced 5 original music collections, music video productions, and written original compositions for corporate video productions.  I sang in High School and College Choirs and Performed in Clubs, Weddings, Business Meetings, and Spiritual Gatherings over the decades.  My work has been both Live performance and in studio recording sessions, with some gifted and very talented artists in the industry.  Collectively, we are occasionally known as: The Cascadian Ensemble Musicaal. Over this time I have also taught private lessons for both voice and guitar.