Summer Vocalizing

After years of thought and being asked may times about my mission or purpose I simply reply;

My Mission or Purpose is to use music and the human voice (vocalizing) to promote LOVE, JOY (enjoyment), and WELL BEING among the brothers and sisters of this planet.

I have come to truly believe that this world would be a better place if each of us would sing more.  Both individually as well as in unison and harmony with each other.  Even more I am experiencing the profound effects of exercising the vocal system.  The contribution to individual WELL BEING thru exercising the vocal system is enormous

People think of vocalizing as singing or speaking.  To me vocalizing is not about performing or somehow impressing or inspiring others.  It is about the WELL BEING that comes from regularly exercising your vocal system.  Singing, Speaking, Yelling, Shouting are all forms of vocalizing. It’s not so much which program or system you use, our easy to use, 5 minute vocal exercise, or some other routine.  Most of all be sure to VOCALIZE YOURSELF on a regular basis.




Over these past weeks of early Winter, Dark Days, Low Light I have had some wonderful experiences and awareness of how music and our vocal systems effect our Well Being.  Throughout our lives we go through cycles of growth and regeneration, opening and closing.

We encounter the entire life cycle from birth and opening to the world through to death and the closing of the life cycle.  We encounter physical challenges like sports injuries, or work-related injuries. emotional challenges in our relationships, careers, and social interactions.  In all of these the initial human response is to tighten or tense up our entire muscular, skeletal, and nerve systems.  In the Winter season we tend to “close up” or “shut down” which to some extent is natural for the human body

These recent weeks my interactions have spanned my friend expecting a child “Any Day”, playing with my 9yr. old Grandson, practicing music with a performing group with a 3-decade age range, leading a “Sing A Long” with elderly Early Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, and sharing songs with a friend in “Late Life” stage.  I have become intensely aware of the life cycle of opening and expanding then cycling into “shutting down” or “closing down” the body.  Throughout life the basic ingredients to “Well Being” and “Life Quality with Longevity” include Diet, Exercise (Yes Use It or Loose It”), Family and Close Social Interaction.

Intricately connected to all of this great cycle is the Vocal System and how we use it and exercise it.  I am finding a growing awareness of the many benefits that regular Vocalizing offer to support Well Being. Opening the vocal system, releasing stress, channeling positive energy, relaxing and aligning the skeletal/muscular structure all contribute significantly to our “Well Being”.  It can be as simple as humming, singing a song, or using a regular program like Vocalize Yourself.  Practice Vocalizing on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits. 


Happy Winter!        


It’s the Solstice, The start of Winter, The Holidays with A Host of Religious and Spiritual Celebrations.  It’s a time of Joy, Birth, A New Year, and the RE-Cycling of the past year.  It’s also a time of stress, fear, loneliness, and questioning for many.

The Holidays are a time to attend gatherings of Holiday Chorus or Caroling, Church Services with Hymns and Carols, or participate in Chanting and Meditation practices.  As you engage in these VOCAL experiences are you an active participant expressing your full vocal capacity?  Do you smile while experiencing the vibration and joy of your body tuning itself?  Or, are you part of the majority that sort of half sing or mumble your way through the process?

To me VOCALIZING is way more than just speaking, singing, chanting, or other vocal expressions.  I have come to realize that it is a natural and important part of our human physical being.  Most of us either never develop vocal capacity or have restricted it through fear, intimidation, social norms, politeness, etc.  Yet using your vocal system to keep your Vibrational Energy tuned is a great help in managing the Holiday stresses.

This Holiday Season give yourself a gift of the Joy, Exhilaration, and Vibrational Well Being that comes when you VOCALIZE YOURSELF!

Vocalize Yourself as part of your Daily Wellness Routine

As you do your daily exercise routine weather it’s walking, running, yoga, biking or other form of physical workout how often do you exercise your vocal system?  For most people the answer is “little or none”.

As you incorporate vocalizing exercises you strengthen your breathing, loosen and stimulate your vocal chords, focus and channel your energy flow through your body, and release tension, among many other physical benefits to your body.  This also contributes to and strengthens your mind, body, and spirit interaction supporting positive mental and physical well being.

Vocalize Yourself is a simple, easy to use, physical exercise program for your vocal system.  This is not a substitute for other exercise forms as much as it is a complimentary program.  You start learning the exercises along with the audio exercise patterns included in the program.  As you get proficient with the exercises you can do them in a variety of settings.  To start your day, to warm up or warm down before other programs like yoga, walking, running, or meditating, in the shower, or many other situations.

What are you doing to regularly exercise your vocal system? You can start on your own by downloading the Vocalize Yourself program. Or, you can take private lessons. Or, attend one of our workshops where the program is presented to small groups up to 6 or 8 people. As you mix Vocalizing with your physical exercise, stretching, and meditation you create a powerful force supporting your well being. Check out our Program Options and start enjoying the benefits of Vocalize Yourself!

Blog #6. Personal Tuning Sound and Vibrational Well Being

There is ongoing debate and discussion about various tuning frequencies and which are more “natural” in terms of our earth/nature/spirit connection as well as our interactions with each other.  This discussion starts with the A Note Frequency Tuning.  Worldwide the music industry, The International Standards Organization, Opera and Symphony Professionals have accepted that 440 Hz A Note is the standard Tuning Frequency.  Both Currently and historically there are those who feel/believe that 432 Hz A Note is more natural to both the human body and the basic vibrational energy of the earth.  Yet again there are those who draw from biblical/scripture sources that claim 444 Hz A Note (The Key of King David) is the natural Tuning Frequency.

In my own experiences I have presented the Vocalize Yourself exercise program in the standard Tuning Frequency of 440 Hz. A Note.  HOWEVER, as I experiment with these patterns using the 432 Hz. A I am finding these to be more relaxing and noticeably more calming.  While there is more to research and discover I am starting to favor the 432 Hz A note Tuning.

I feel it important to remember that we each resonate at our own Frequency and Rhythm.  One of the primary concepts of the Vocalize Yourself program is learning to create and feel your own internal vibration (Frequency/Sound) in conjunction with external sound stimulation. In this process you are exercising and strengthening your vocal system while contributing to your own Sound and Vibrational Well Being.


While there are many aspects of vocalizing that contribute to spiritual, mental, and physical well-being, perhaps the greatest benefit is simply THE COMPLETE JOY OF VOCALIZING.

Recently as I was walking through a local park the path went underneath the road through a concrete overpass.  These structures are wonderfully vibrant and resonant and make great places to Vocalize Yourself.  As I walked a mother with some young children ages 5 – 8 years old passed by.  As one young girl walked through the overpass she was intoning or expressing simple joy by loudly singing/chanting the tone WHEEEE, WHEEEEE, several times.  She then laughed as she walked away with the others saying “that was fun”.

This whole simple experience reminded me that we are born with abilities to openly vocalize starting with crying right at or shortly after birth.  As we experience family, school, and social programing much of this vocalizing capability is buried, lost, or even purposely subdued to fit in with social norms.   While we all talk, shout, scream, sing to some extent, most of us do not regularly exercise and develop our vocal systems.

What do you do to regularly exercise and expand your vocal system?  As you use the Vocalize Yourself exercise program you too can experience THE COMPLETE JOY OF VOCALIZING, while contributing to your state of WELL BEING!  Enjoy!

Blog #4. Celebrate Your Independence, VOCALIZE YOURSELF

As you embrace this July 4th Independence Day remember to celebrate your 1st amendment right to VOCALIZE YOURSELF.

One of our cherished freedoms is the right to petition our elected officials to address grievances, request actions, and our right to speak out and vote to change that which we don’t like or what isn’t working.

Vocalizing Yourself is more than just exercising your vocal system and speaking or singing.  It is your own expression, opinion, and feelings about issues that exist in your daily life.  It is interactions with family, friends, occupation, community, and governmental interactions.

This Independence Day I think WE THE PEOPLE should relieve ourselves of dependence on debt financing to fund the Federal Government.  We currently owe over $20 Trillion and growing by the minute.  This works out to about $63,000 (and growing) per person on top of mortgages, auto, credit cards, student loan, and other forms of debt.

We spend about $12,000 per year per person to operate the Federal Government but we only collect about $9,000 in taxes. This all means that you and I each owe $63,000 and it is growing by $3,000 a year.  Oh Yes, the recent tax cuts are adding another $3,000 a year or so to your share of this debt.




Over the past 50 years we have operated with a balanced budget in only 6 or 7 years. Neither Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, or any other political party has demonstrated any form of fiscal responsibility over the past 50 years.  It’s not just “CUT SPENDING”.  It also requires true tax reform to support our required spending. I believe that WE THE PEOPLE need to help take care of each other in a fiscally responsible manner.  Perhaps the greatest threat to our security and future existence is the over burden of debt.

I say WE THE PEOPLE should BALANCE THE BUDGET and include a long term, gradual repayment of the existing debt in the annual budget.  This requires true reform of an inadequate and irresponsible taxing system.  In honor of my right to VOCALIZE MYSELF on this Independence Day I offer this song as a petition to Congress and The President to please

Not owing for past generations financial mis-management is perhaps the greatest freedom we can pass on to those yet to come.

Celebrate your own independence this July 4th.

Vocalize Yourself!

Blog #3. Resonance and Regeneration

As I walk through neighborhoods and parks near my home this Spring I can’t help but savor the resonance of Nature’s annual Regeneration process.  The beauty of the blooms, the colors, fragrance, the lushness of the colors, the sounds of birds and animals vocalizing all resonate with the energy of Regeneration.

Most if not all of the major religions on the planet celebrate some form of Re-Birth, Renewal, and Regeneration in the Spring. 

Think about your own vocal system and your own Regeneration process.  As you do the Vocalize Yourself exercise patterns you are creating vibrations and resonance within your body.  While activating and stimulating each of the major components of your vocal system you are also stimulating and resonating your major nervous systems, glands, and organs within your body.

In this process of Vocalizing and creating resonance within your body you contribute to your own Regeneration process.  How are you Regenerating this Spring?

20180610_143716 (1).jpg

Blog #2: Sound and Vibrational Healing

Sound and Vibrational Healing:  There is a large and growing group of Scientists, Medical Professionals, Health and Wellness Practitioners and others exploring sound and vibration effects on the body.  This ranges from modern science labs testing effects of musical pulse tones on the cellular level, to practitioners of ancient healing arts using crystals, tuning forks, crystal or singing bowls, sound chambers and others all involve the stimulation of the body or specific body parts with musical note tones and vibration.

While Vocalize Yourself is a simple workout for the vocal system, it is based in these concepts.  In addition to absorbing external sound and vibration stimulation vocalizing adds the internal stimulation through guttural vocal expression.  In researching and assembling this program I became aware of the position/location of both the Vagus Nerve, and the major glands of the Endocrine System.

The Vagus nerve runs from the base of the brain down through the throat/vocal chords by the heart and lungs and into the stomach and digestive system.  Implants to stimulate the Vagus nerve have been used to treat Epilepsy and related symptoms.  Stimulating the nerve also seems to help relive anxiety, blood pressure, depression, inflammation, and other symptoms that have a profound effect on the body.

The Endocrine System contains many glands that regulate numerous body functions.  Think of the location/position of several of these major glands and their functions.  In the Cranial or Crown area the Pituitary Gland effects growth, blood pressure, water/salt kidney balance, temperature regulation, and pain.   In the central area of the brain the Pineal Gland/Epithalamus effect the brain, sleep, imagination, and Melatonin production.  In the throat area the Thyroid Gland effects hormones influencing metabolic rate and Protein synthesis.  Near the Heart the Thymus Gland produces T-Cells for the adoptive immune system.  In the area of the Solar Plexus/Spleen the Pancreas produces insulin, Glucagon, and digestive enzymes.  The Adrenal Gland produces mineral corticoids.

All of these glands as well as the Vagus nerve are located in the same area of the body as the major components of the vocal system.  Does regular and consistent exercise of the vocal system have a positive influence on these major parts and systems of the body and the associated health conditions?  

BLOG # 1: Thoughts on Vocalizing

As I put this program together I realized there are several aspects of vocalizing that are interacting and playing out.

Physical Exercise: The essence of Vocalize Yourself is a simple, 5-minute exercise system which in itself is healthy, fun, and beneficial to the user. You walk, run, exercise at the gym, swim, play sports and do a lot of different exercise routines to stay in shape, tone your body, and keep yourself healthy. How often do you exercise and tone your vocal system?

Yes, when you exercise you use your lungs, muscles, and sometimes your voice. But, do you really exercise your vocal system as a specific workout routine?

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